All your numbers in one SIM

You can buy as many numbers as you want. All calls to your numbers are connected directly to the App. There is no need to carry more than one phone with you.


When you buy separate numbers for your business you have 100% control over them. With Hoxfon block spam call service you can effectively enjoy your daily and weekly free time. Don’t worry about your clients, our system collects all their enquiries. Hoxfon connects all the numbers you purchased using the App, you can have all your numbers in one single device.

Private life

Even if you don’t need a separate number for business you might benefit from having a dedicated number to share outside your family and close friends:

For example you can have one number for business, another for acquaintances and keep your original SIM number private, so only family and close friends know it.

Your numbers abroad

Hoxfon connects all the numbers you purchased using the App and you can still use them when you are abroad. For more information check out our international numbers service.

Help us improve Hoxfon

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