Block spam calls

Set your own rules for your numbers

Hoxfon wants to give you more control of your telephone, allowing you to block any calls you don't want to receive before they reach you.

You can define blocking rules:

You can apply each rule to:

Add a custom answering message to your rules

You can add a personalised answering message to a blocking rule. When a call is blocked by our system the message is sent to the caller via SMS or played by an answering machine on the same call. We support a range of languages, accents and let you choose between a male or a female voice.

You always use your local time to define a rule's beginning and end. Our system uses the caller's time-zone to recommend a more suitable time to calls.

Diverting calls to a different number

You can add a call diversion to a blocking rule. If you need to forward the call to a number outside Hoxfon, such number will need to be verified before being able to receive your calls.

Example cases

Incoming calls to your business number

Family and friends

When travelling

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