Monitor your balance

Be on top of your bills

See exactly what you are spending before, during and after each calls. You can check your current balance and payment history directly in the App. See how much you spent by week, by month or for each call.

Hoxfon makes your life super easy when it comes to tracking your spendings:


Hoxfon can use data and WIFI signal to provide voice services. It does not replace your normal network and calls made using Hoxfon will not appear on your carrier bill. Use of Hoxfon over the mobile network may incur data charges depending on your carrier international roaming costs; please refer to your provider to ensure you know how this will be charged. Any service that Hoxfon provides will be charged directly by Hoxfon and you will be always notified when it happens. There are no hidden fees. Payments are taken in advance form the Debit or Credit Card that you add to the App. You can top-up manually or choose automatic top-up so the App charges your card when your credit goes below a minimum. You will always be able to control the payment settings and see all your payment history.

What can I get on Hoxfon with £10?

a local London number
£1.00 / month
and a number in Milan
£1.00 / month
receive 400 minutes of calls on either numbers
£0.01 / minute
call 100 minutes to Italian landlines
£0.02 / minute
call 25 minutes to Italian mobiles
£0.08 / minute

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