Hoxfon Services

Hoxfon gives you the power to hire, control and use personal landline numbers across the globe from your device.

Mobile phones are great for keeping in touch when you’re on the move but using just one number for friends, work and online adverts is just plain annoying. What if you could control who can call you and when, and hide your real number entirely when you choose? A landline number rented from Hoxfon rings through directly to your mobile and when you call people back, your personal Hoxfon number will appear in their Caller ID.

Maintain your privacy

Don’t want to give out your real number to a website or online seller? Rent a temporary number and ditch it when you’re done.

An office on the move

Want to look professional without being tied down? Seamlessly take calls on, and call people back from, several different private numbers no matter where you are.

Easier international calls

We have numbers in cities across the globe. Give family members who live abroad a local number to call which connects seamlessly to your phone in wherever you are at that time - much cheaper than an international call and couldn’t be simpler when Granny doesn’t have a smart-phone.

A number in every city

Be local even to international customers. Advertise a local number wherever they are and pick up wherever you are. You can even schedule your numbers so they don’t ring outside business hours.

Divert between handsets

If you swap SIM cards while travelling or change your number for any reason, simply log in to Hoxfon and never miss a call again.

With Hoxfon you have the power of a whole telephone exchange in your hand.

International numbers

Get all numbers you need directly in the App. Get a geographic, non-geographic, mobile or toll free number from a list of worldwide available countries.

Block spam calls

Control who can call you by time of the day and day of the week. Specify rules for a group of contacts or individually. Customise each answering messages on the App.

All your numbers in one SIM

All calls to your purchased numbers are connected directly to the App. Ideal for a second business number and to connect to your home Country.

Monitor your balance

See the cost of each call and check your current balance directly in the App. Top up and Pay as You Go.

Help us improve Hoxfon

Get Hoxfon on the AppStore or on the PlayStore. Join hundreds of people like YOU and leave your feedback. We want to hear your suggestions, comments and frustrations; so we can design a better App around your needs.