All your numbers in one SIM

Rent local phone numbers across the globe. Answer your clients, family and friends while travelling

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Answer office calls while lying on the beach

Hoxfon uses the most advanced mobile and cloud technology to help expats, global citizens and international businesses communicate in the most cost-effective way.


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See exactly what you are spending before, during and after calls. View your payment history in the App.

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International phone numbers

Get a number close to your customers, family and friends. Make and receive calls and send texts through your local number.

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All your numbers in one SIM

All calls to your purchased numbers are connected directly to the App. Ideal for a second business number and to connect to your home Country.

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Block spam calls

Control who can call you based on the time of day or day of the week. Specify rules for a group of contacts or individually. Customise each answering message in the App.

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