All your numbers in one App

Manage multiple telephone numbers from a single App. Dial abroad from a local number. Stay close to your customers and family. Control who can reach you and when.

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100% Control of your Telephone

We provide the best way to keep in contact with family and friends from abroad and with your global customer base. Forget about swapping SIM cards or carrying multiple mobile phones with you, all your calls are connected to a single App transparently.


International Telephone Numbers

Get a number close to your customers, family and friends. Make and receive calls and send texts through your local number.

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Block Incoming Calls

Control who can call you based on the time of day or day of the week. Specify rules for a group of contacts or individually. Customise each answering message on the App.

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All your numbers using one SIM

All calls to your purchased numbers are connected directly to the App. Ideal for a second business number and to connect to your home country.

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Monitor your Balance

See the cost of each call and check your current balance directly in the App. Top up and Pay as You Go.

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Help us improve Hoxfon

Hoxfon for iPhone is coming soon. Join our BETA program to get early access. If you think there’s more Hoxfon could do, or things it could do differently, please tell us. We want to hear all your suggestions, comments and bug reports so that we can expand and develop this app to be as helpful and intuitive as it can possibly be.